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Michigan Real Estate

Looking to buy, sell or invest in the mitten? I’m your women! My region is Michigan, I travel all over the state. My clients are my family, ready for a road trip?

Clawson Real Estate

My main home in Michigan is located in Clawson. The little city with a big heart, kinda like me. Small in stature and mighty at negotiating. I am the self proclaimed Queen of Clawson, I just love it here!

International Real Estate

Traveling is my jam and so is Real Estate, so I decided to do both? Let me show you some amazing tropical places you can call home! Don’t want to live in paradise all year, we can talk Investment strategy.

All About Allison

I continue to travel the world, but “home” has always been MI. I have lived all OVER the state (Marquette, Midland, Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Lake Orion, East Lansing) just to name a few. I have family across Michigan too. You could say I know it like the back of my hand (get it?). My hubby and 3 rescue dogs love living in Clawson and we have a cottage in Oscoda. 

Anywho, Real Estate found me after I helped my mother sort out a terrible Real Estate transaction that she was totally taken advantage of. I didn’t understand how her Realtor wasn’t advocating for her greatest and highest good?! It blew my mind. So, I got licensed to just help family at first. That didn’t last long, at all! My passion for service catapulted my career quickly.

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The Real Side of Real Estate

Real talk! There are a BAZILLION people who work in Real Estate. What is it like to work with me? It’s an experience, one that I want you to feel educated about, empowered about and excited about. I will provide you with concierge customer service, and a few guaranteed laughs. Only if you’re into that sort of thing. 

This is where I am supposed to tell you that, “I love helping people.”  That’s not it for me. I love building relationships with people through helping them on their Real Estate journey. Whether you want to buy, sell or invest, I want to do this with you forever.  My goal is to be your Real Estate Guru for life, not just one time. Not joking, my clients become my family, it’s a thing.  

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